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Jacob & Co.
In our range we currently have 3 watches from Jacob & Co.

Founder and owner Jacob Arabo was born in Uzbekistan, his family emigrated to the USA when he was 14 years old.

In order to finally earn his own money, he discontinued his formal education before completing high school and enrolled in a jewellery making course.

After selling his designed jewellery through various stores in the Diamond Distric in New York for a few years, he opened his own business called “Diamond Quasar” at the age of 21. He designed and distributed his jewellery under the name of Jacob & Co.

Big fame came with R&B singer Faith Evans. She was absolutely amazed by his unusual and extraordinarily striking jewellery and bought a Colier for 5 million dollars, paid by no other than The Notorious BIG.
After this purchase, Jacob became the jeweller of the entire rap scene of the United States overnight, and not only that, but also NBA and NFA African-American musicians liked the sparkling accessories.

Jacob launched his first watch, the “Five Time Zone”, in 2002. This watch unites the demands of its clientele who live a jet set life. The watch simultaneously displays 5 time zones separately and does not need to be set.
Technically this was solved by simply installing 5 quartz movements.
Combined with sufficient diamonds, this watch quickly became the darling of all Gangster Rappers and Bling Bling lovers.

Later the Jacob & Co. logo was also found on real watchmaking masterpieces such as the 'Quenttin', which was the first watch on the market which had an uninterrupted power reserve of 31 days.
There are 7 mainspring barrels that are responsible for the movement power reserve. The movements are also vertically aligned which was also done for the first time.

In 2014 he presented the “Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette” at Baselworld for 1,000,000 CHF.

This was followed in 2015 by the world's most expensive watch, the “Billionaire Watch” with the proud price of 18,000,000 CHF.

It is primarily about the incredible success story of an immigrant who has realized the American dream.

All watches designed and presented by him still seem more jewellery like than actual watches. However, his success is proof enough that there are enough buyers and prospective buyers for such timepieces.

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