Founding Member
Alexander K.
If you told Alex 10 years ago that he would be the founder of one of the fastest growing pre-owned luxury watch specialist companies in Europe, he would have believed you.

Alex has always had a passion for wristwatches, even from a young age he has been fascinated with the inner workings of a wristwatch.
This passion first lead him to open a workshop, servicing and repairing all makes of wristwatches and later made the bold decision to concentrate only on top end luxury Swiss wristwatches.

Today Alex is the proud founder of ChronoCash Ltd, boasting stores in London, Berlin, Malta and Monaco.
Founding Member
Serge K.
Serge is the other half of the puzzle that makes the beautiful picture, that is ChronoCash, so successful.
He has an unrivaled passion for luxury wristwatches, which is evident in his dealing with clients.
Through his passion he demands the best customer experience from all of his employees and constantly makes an effort to ensure that all his staff are knowledgeable and up to date with current market values to ensure that ChronoCash offers the best possible price for your wristwatch.

Serge is the proud co-founder of ChronoCash Ltd, boasting stores in London, Berlin, Malta and Monaco.
Branch Manager
Nikolay Z.
Hello my name is Nikolay.

2 years ago I have turned my passion into a profession and became the Store Manager of our ChronoCash store in Berlin.

I am in daily contact with clients from all over the world, who share the same love for luxury watches as I do.

Buying and selling luxury watches is my business.

Through business transactions, many clients have become friends and are very satisfied with the quality of service that we offer.

I look forward to helping you sell your watch for a fair price or to assist you in finding your “new” watch!
Operations Manager
Lee T.
Lee has spent most of his working career travelling the world while representing some of the world's most luxurious brands.
He oversees the operations of the company and ensures that all our daily operations run smoothly.

His passion for watches and his analytical thinking process is why Lee is such a valuable asset to Chronocash.
Problem solving and implementing long term solutions to challenges we may face, is where he thrives.
Customer Care Executive
Dusha L.
Dusha's dazzling career has been with some of the best known watchmakers in the luxury watch universe.

We asked her why she chose this path , she answered; "its a life long fascination with ingenuity and innovative spirit of watchmaking, celebration of beauty and function coming together, the passion behind creation, never ceases to inspire me.
Sales Manager
Alberto B.
Alberto was born in Milan, Italy.

Having graduated with a degree in business and economics, Alberto understands how important providing superior customer service adds value to our business.

Having represented some of the world’s most luxurious brands in Italy, Miami, Amsterdam, Paris and Madrid, Alberto has a passion for dealing with customers who demand the very best.

Besides being a native Italian speaker, Alberto is also able to communicate in Spanish, French and English.

In dealing with Alberto, you can be rest assured that you will get the attention and commitment that you deserve.
Account Executive
Caroline M.
Caroline is the youngest member of our team.

She is extremely hard working and dedicated to ensuring that all our financials are in order.

For a company like Chronocash it is extremely important that we have someone who is well organized and has an eye for detail and numbers.

When she is not crunching numbers, she can be found in her kitchen enjoying her second passion which is cooking and baking.
David M.
Born in Leicester in the UK, David handles our English speaking marketing, focussing mainly on our clients in the UK.
A keen sportsman, David represents the island of Malta on International cricket stage.
Unfortunately he is also a Tottenham Hotspur supporter.

In dealing with David you will enjoy his no nonsense approach, he does not beat around the bush or prolong negotiations unnecessarily.
David understand the watch market extremely well and you can be assured that if tells you the value of your watch, he is right more times than he is wrong.
Ikerne I.
Ikerne, born in Vitoria Spain, takes care of all our Spanish speaking clients.

She has a degree in Fine Arts and a Masters Degree in the conservation and Exhibition of Contemporary Arts, where she has been actively involved for the past 10 years.
Ikerne decided to trade her love for the canvas to the artistic nature and beauty of appreciating high-end Swiss made watches.
Her biggest asset is her attention to detail.
Once having completed Chronocash’s intensive training programme, she is confident that she not only understands and appreciates your watch, but she finds it a genuine pleasure in assisting you to get the best value.
Victor L.
Victor deals with all our French speaking clients.
Originally an IT developer, Victor made the bold choice to find a career that would involve the two things he enjoys most, problem solving and his love for quality watches.
An vital component in the Chronocash machine, Victor has a talent for finding a needle in a haystack and is often the go to guy for rare and hard to find watches.

You’ll find dealing with Victor a very calm and precise experience and you we have no doubt that you will feel confident that the person you are dealing with is very knowledgable and efficient.