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Andersen Geneve
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After completion of his watchmaking apprenticeship, young Svend Andersen came from Copenhagen to Geneva in Switzerland, in 1963, to witness the process of watchmaking.
In 1965 he received a contract with Gübelin Lucerne in customer service. He later became head of the customer service department in Geneva.

It was four years later, when he presented his ‘bottle clock’ at an exhibition, where he first gained recognition and publicity in the high-end watchmaking circles.
In addition, he was entered into the Guinness Book of Records, since no one before him could actually assemble such a functioning clock before him. The diameter of the bottle neck was only 18mm.
In the same year, watchmaker Patek Philippe became aware of the young and goal-oriented watchmaker.
Due to his outstanding watchmaking skills and vast knowledge he was immediately recognised as part of the “Atelier des grandes complications”.
It is a department of the manufacturer where only the best of the best used, since here the most complicated and demanding chronometers are produced.

After 9 years at the best watchmaking company in the world, Andersen decided to go his own path.
Late 1970's he founded his own company and specialised in the production of individual pieces according to individual customer requests, introducing the so called “Piece Unique”.
He produced only watches with complications of interest to him, for example year calendars, perpetual calendars, and jumping hour calendars.

This was followed by many new patents, new launches and awards.
Among other things, he developed and constructed the smallest calendar watch in the world (6.5mm x 17.4mm) in 1985. He also created the thinnest world-time watch called “Mundus”, which he introduced in 1994.

Today he is known mainly for his ‘Eros’ models, which in turn are produced only in single pieces and show erotic pictures on the back.

To this day, he is one of the world's best watchmakers and advises and helps younger watchmakers with his knowledge and skills. In the list of watchmakers who seek advice of Anderson one finds such names as Frank Müller, Philippe Quentin, and Felix Baumgartner to name but a few.

The name Andersen has been around for more than 4 decades for “high end” watches with unique complications, sleek, simple and at the same time elegant design — a must for every watch collector.