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Are all watches offered by ChronoCash really 100% original?

Of course all watches are inspected and checked by our watchmakers right down to the smallest detail before they are published on our portal.

At ChronoCash, all watches go through a “point by point” check, which also includes an authenticity check, so that the occurrence and distribution of a fake or non-original watch is absolutely impossible.

If changes were made to the factory condition of the watch, or if appearance was changed at customer's request, such as embellishment with gemstones or DLC coating, this is explicitly stated in the description by ChronoCash.

What is included in the ChronoCash 24 month warranty, and how can I make use of it?

As long as the manufacturing guarantee validity from the date of the first sale still applies, we would advise you to contact the manufacturer directly in order to assert your warranty claims.

Otherwise we would also be happy to help you. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our team members.

ChronoCash grants the purchaser a 24 month warranty on watches where the warranty of the manufacturer has already expired.

The validity of this warranty starts from the date of sale.

If after purchase, within the described 24 months, any problems with the accuracy or other defects of the watch occur which are covered by our warranty, please do not hesitate to contact us.

All further steps are initiated promptly by one of our team members, according to the specific needs and situation. The exact warranty requirements can be found under the following link:

ChronoCash appreciates its customers very much, so we gladly answer any questions regarding problems or shortcomings after expiration of the warranty and are also happy to find a comfortable and above all not to cost-intensive solution.

How about ChronoCash and my personal data?

Your data is safe with us.

Our highly professional and ever-evolving IT team is always up to date in terms of security, encryption and storage of your data.

All personal information passed onto us is encrypted with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and is therefore not readable by third parties.

In addition, this encrypted data is stored separately, thus eliminating the risk of loss or third party acquisition.

Purchasing a Watch

Which ordering possibilities does ChronoCash offer?

The customer has 3 options to order his watch.

1. Place your favourite watch into the basket and follow the instructions. Please note that the chosen watch will be reserved for you only after completion of the ordering process.

2. You are welcome to contact one of our team members about the specific watch you want and in the chat ask them to take the next steps for you.

3. You can also place your oder with ChronoCash by phone. Please call our service hotline: 0800-111-66666

After a successfully completed order, you will receive a confirmation from us via E-Mail, SMS or in your own ChronoCash account depending on which contact method you have indicated during the order.

Which payment methods are available to me?

If you want to buy the watch online and get it delivered to your home at a later date, you can pay your watch in advance using a bank transfer.

Please note that depending on your credit institute, the transfer may take 1-5 business days.

Your order will only be considered as paid as soon as the amount is credited to our company account.

Please indicate your order number as the purpose of your transfer.

Watches with a value of up to 5000 Euro can be settled to ChronoCash with PayPal. (Caution: You bear the additional costs as a customer.)

Of course you can also pay the watch personally at one of our branches in cash or EC or credit card.


At ChronoCash you have a 14-day return policy.

Within this 14-day period, you have the right to return the watch bought through ChronoCash without providing us with a reason.

The return is done at the expense of ChronoCash, so you will not incur any additional costs.

Of course the watch must be both optically and technically in the same condition as during the purchase itself.

After a brief check of the returned watch, you will be refunded the full purchase price the same way as you made the payment.

Sale of your watch

How do I know what my watch is worth?

To get a first rough estimate of a “immediate purchase price” of your watch from ChronoCash, you only have to fill in our short purchase form.

In order to determine a guideline for you, we need the following information:

The brand and model of the offered watch, your contact details and at least one photo

All other information is not compulsory, but we ask you to provide as much information as possible about your watch in our purchase form.

The more information is available to us, the more accurate and precise our first price estimate will be.

After sending the form, one of our experts from ChronoCash Customer Service will promptly process the request, taking into account the information you have provided and the current market situation.

You will receive a response within 24 hours with a guideline for an immediate sale. Please note that the accuracy and the subsequent consistency of the initial estimate and the final purchase price will be 100% dependent on the information you provide.

Many and, above all, high-resolution images are of great help in assessing the condition of your watch, which in return leads to a more accurate offer.

How do I sell my watch to ChronoCash?

If you are satisfied with the first assessment of your watch, and if the above-mentioned value appeals to you, please do not hesitate to arrange the collection of your watch with one of our team members.

They will arrange an insured shipment with pick up at your home, in a time window that suits you best. From here on ChronoCash takes over — Everything is absolutely free!

You sit back and wait for your money!

After your watch has arrived at our logistics centre, it will be promptly inspected by one of our highly qualified watchmakers and with this written evaluation as basis we will offer you a final purchase price.

Should the condition of the watch differ significantly from the information you provided, new negotiations may be initiated by our employees.

After you accept the offer in your ChronoCash account as well as providing a signature of a purchase agreement, we promptly arrange the transfer of the amount to your bank account.

If you are not satisfied with our offer you can decline it in your ChronoCash account and we will send back your watch free of charge.

Which benefits can I enjoy as ChronoCash customer if I sell my watch?

-Guaranteed response within 24 hours.

-Fair and market-orientated valuation.

-No hidden costs.

-No attempts to persuade you into commission sales.

-Prompt payment.

-Customer-oriented, professional, friendly and direct contact — no bots.

-No standardized valuation procedures.

-Individual approach to each customer.


How can I be sure that my watch will not be damaged during the assessment at ChronoCash, or if papers or accessories get lost?

How can I be sure that my watch will not be damaged during the assessment at ChronoCash, or if papers or accessories get lost?

When your shipment arrives in our logistics centre, the content is individually photographed and recorded in our system.

After this step, the watch is inspected externally and all functions are tested. The movements are also examined in order to recognize the exact wear and tear and condition of individual parts. This is done by our highly qualified watchmakers, who have carried out their work with great precision and care for several decades.

This prevents any damage to your watch at ChronoCash.

Should I send the box and papers of my watch to ChronoCash as well?

Of course, as an original box and papers increase the value of your watch.

In addition, the original box of a watch is often the perfect protection for shipping.

We would kindly ask you to send any accessories, spare bracelets, spare parts for watches with metal straps, as well as service warranties with your watch, as all these things influence the final sale price positively.

Do I enter a contract when I complete the sales form or send my watch to ChronoCash?

No, only with the acceptance of an offer created by us after personal appraisal and the signature of the ChronoCash purchase contract you enter a binding contract.

You are obliged to sell your watch at ChronoCash as of that moment.

Can I cancel the purchase contract retroactively?

No, by signing the purchase agreement and by accepting the terms and conditions of ChronoCash, you are obliged to comply with the conditions stated in the contract.

No purchase contracts are terminated by ChronoCash.

International orders

Does ChronoCash also deliver abroad?

All watches offered by ChronoCash can be purchased by customers worldwide and, of course, sent worldwide.

Please note that we only accept payments by bank transfer in the case of orders from the European Union.

Are there customs duties or additional charges for deliveries abroad?

All watches offered by ChronoCash are shipped free of charge and duty free within the EU.

For deliveries outside of the EU, country specific import duties and taxes are incurred.

Since these regulations and legal situations often change, we ask customers to check the import regulations in their country before placing an order with ChronoCash.

ChronoCash covers no costs incurred in connection with importation into third countries.

In this case, all costs, including a possible return, are borne by the customer himself.