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Our team makes every effort to describe every watch to the best of our knowledge.
The following classification was made by our watchmaker team to give you an initial assessment of the condition of our watches.

We ask you to see this classification as a guideline. Assessing the condition of a watch is often subjective and may lead to a different view of one or the other watch and its condition. We hope that our high-resolution photos and videos of the watches will help you to assess the condition of the watches. Should you still have any doubts, or if you simply want to receive a confirmation of your impression, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our expert team will answer all questions and advise you professionally before making a purchase.

New or unworn
  • NOS ” New Old Stock” Stock, never worn
  • Never worn, from collection
  • Please note that even unworn watches may have slight traces of use when stored incorrectly
Very good
  • No or minimal traces of use, possibly serviced
  • Glass, hands, dial and case in very good condition
  • Movement runs perfectly, possibly serviced
  • Inconspicuous or slight traces of use
  • Glass, hands, dial and case in good condition
  • No scratches, dents or cracks
  • In case of repairs / servicing, only original parts were used
  • Movement in good condition, possibly serviced
  • Visible traces of use on the case and/or dial
  • Glass may have been replaced
  • Small dents
  • Fully functional
  • May contain non-original spare parts
  • Movement may require servicing
  • Heavy signs of use
  • Many dents and/or scratches
  • No original spare parts used
  • May not be fully functional