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Arnold & Son
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John Arnold was born in humble Cornwall in 1736.
His father was a renowned watchmaker at the time, and his uncle was a well-known blacksmith, so John Arnold was enthusiastic about engineering.

To expand his watchmaking talents, John Arnold went to the Netherlands at the age of 19.
He quickly realised that he wanted to aim high, so he made timepieces for George III and found other well off and influential customers for his pieces.

In his early years, John was considered to be one of the most influential watchmakers of his time and filed numerous patents.
The “Arnold's No36” was the first timepiece with a chronometer and until today serves as inspiration in the watchmaking world.
His reputation grew quickly, and he became friends with the genius Abraham-Louis Breguet, with whom he exchanged numerous ideas.

At present, Arnold & Son manufactures all the exclusive watches themselves, which require a high degree of precision and skill.
The manufacturer brings a very influential dynamism into the world of luxury watches with its tradition-orientated zeitgeist, as new creations and movements have constantly appeared which gives the manufactory great respect within the market players.
Each individual clock features a unique movement and, with its complexity, tells the story of the British watchmaker's school.

The designs are inspired by sea travel as he developed timepieces for many years for the giant ocean discoverers of the world's such as Thomas Cook.

An excellent example of this is the ‘instrument’ collection, which combines the maritime precision with aesthetic perfection.