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The name is derived from the Latin word “quorum” and means “the minimum number of persons present, required to enable a meeting, to hold discussions and take valid decisions”.

The watch manufacturer Corum is not a manufactory, since there are no own factories. They acquire their calibers from ETA.
Corum has become famous for its unusual design ideas. The most famous models are the Bubble and the Coin Watch, which is made from a 20 dollar coin.
However, the best-selling and best-known model is the Admirals Cup in its various sizes, complications and color variations.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Corum is the only manufacturer that still offers its unique linear baguette movement watches such as the Golden Bridge.
In addition, Corum owns the patent for the world's only automatic winding watch with baguette movement with linear winding.

In 2013 Corum was acquired by a Chinese company named China Haidian.

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