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Sassoun Sirmakes is the son of Vartan Sirmakes, board member at Franck Muller Watchland Group.

He and Antonio Terranova opened the watch brand Cvstos in 2005, which translated from Latin means “guardian”.

Antonio Terranova worked as a designer for many well-known manufacturers in the sector including Breitling, Tag Heuer and Zenith.

Based on the success of his father and under the motto “do not change anything that already worked”, Cvstos quickly conquered his niche in the watch market.

In shape and functionality it is very similar to the brand Frank Muller, but it distinguishes itself by the somewhat more daring design, larger case sizes and the processing of new materials which in the world of watches have not been mentioned yet.

With the use of many different colour shades and new materials, this watch brand is current with the times and is a must for every fashion conscious trendsetter.