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De Grisogono
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The visionary and founder of de Grisogono, Fawaz Gruosi, is one of the most influential jewellery and watch manufacturers in the world today.
Fawaz Gruosi grew up in Florence where, at the age of 18, he left school and worked for a renowned jeweller. His fresh and exquisite views and sales skills finally led him to the headquarters of a branch office in London.
A little while later Harry Winston discovered his talent and made Fawaz Gruosi the representative of the brand in Saudi Arabia, where he was surrounded by enthusiastic customers of the magnificent watches.
The house of Gianni Bulgari was also very interested in Fawaz Gruosi, and so he was entrusted with the worldwide distribution of Bulgari products.

In 1993, Fawaz Gruosi ventured to set up his own brand and de Griosgono was created in the watchmaking capital of Geneva. For the time being, the enthusiast concentrated on the production of luxury jewellery until he presented his first watch collection “Instrumento N° Uno" in 2000.
Today there are already 17 exclusive watch collections by de Grisogono.
His men's models include a simple classic style with a lot of attention to detail.
However, the ladies' models are also very popular, thanks to his many years of experience in the field of jewellery making. He adorns the ladies' models with high-quality precious stones and brings pure luxury to the customers' wrists.