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“Owning a DeWitt watch means owning a Napoléon watch.“
These are the words of DeWitt founder Jerome DeWitt.
He is a descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte, whose basic ideology and philosophy of life was taken over by Jerome DeWitt, which he now conveys to his buyers through the production of these unique watches.

DeWitt is one of the 4 watchmakers who until today manufacture their watches as well as their dials by hand and process the raw materials from start to finish. This makes the company so interesting.
Mr. DeWitt managed to take the time to personally influence every detail of his watches in a time where the world is ever changing at a fast pace. The watches are individual in their character and design, however, as far as the watches are concerned, these are still 100% handmade and pass on the love and care which they were assembled onto the wearer.

Many of the watches have very decadent complications such as 'tourbillon', minute repetition and perpetual calendar.
Whether you think DeWitt watches are visually appealing or not, you cannot deny that they are a very good example of the fact that a manufactory does not necessarily have to be 200 years old to create high-quality, hand-made precision watches.