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Girard Perregaux
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Girard Perregaux is one of the few manufactures which can still be referred to as such.
Family-owned since day one, this manufacture has not been sold to large corporations or investors or given management out of family hands.
It is a company that keeps its history and since its foundation always tried to make the classic watch even more accurate, precise and durable!
No “ready made” building blocks but only the finest craftsmanship and manual work.

Girard Perregaux is a name that can never be forgotten in the history of watchmaking.
He was a pioneer in his field and master of his work.

In 1854 Constant Othenin-Girard married Marie Perregaux, the daughter of a Chronometer maker.
That is why he renamed his business to Girard Perregaux. The aim of this company was the production of high-precision watches.

At the world exhibition in 1967 and 1989 Girard received a gold medal for extraordinary precision for the pocket watches with “Three Bridges Tourbillon” he produced.
In 1901, the “Three Bridges Tourbillon” watch was no longer admitted to the competition due to its unattainability.
Shortly afterwards Kaiser Wilhelm I ordered over 2000 watches for naval officers. These were the first series-produced watches around the world.

Further world-wide successes followed, such as the introduction of the waterproof “Sea Hawk” model in 1940. In 1957 the automatic movement with Gyromatic was presented.

In 1970 Girard Perregaux became the only manufacturer to produce quartz products industrially. The frequency of 32.768 oscillations applied by Girard Perregaux is still regarded as the standard for quartz movements.

A new edition of the “Three Bridges Tourbillon” followed in 1991, and is still one of the classics of modern watchmaking today.

In 1992 the former Italian racing driver Luigi Macaluso took over the management of the company. During this time the cooperation with Ferrari occurred, and the introduction of various limited series with the Ferrari logo on the dial took place. This cooperation still exists today.

One of the most successful models of the manufactory is the “Vintage 1945” model, a tribute to the first ever rectangular model of 1945. Also the Richeville series in an elegant tonneau shape, and the 2003 reissue of the “Laureato” series from 1975, named EVO 3.

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