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Greubel Forsey
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Robert Greubel and Stephan Forsey are two young men who have made their task of life to make the most accurate and complex watch complication of the world even more accurate.
This seems to have worked out well for them.

With most of their models there is one thing that particularly catches the eye: the watch cases are in asymmetrical shape conceived specifically for the movements.
The shape itself therefore gives these watches an enormous recognition value which most of the buyers appreciate. However, innovations take first place.
The tourbillon, which since its development by Abraham Louis Breguet in 1795 has hardly been altered in its structure until today, has been perfected by these 2 men.
Barely any modern and young manufactory has registered as many patents as Greubel Forsey.

Just two years after the company was founded in 2004, they released the 2004 patented 24 second 'Tourbillon' in collaboration with Harry Winston.
In 2008 they published the 'Quadruple Tourbillons', a complication that has never been seen before and brought the accuracy of the wristwatch to a new level.
Various awards and patents followed, which were crowned with the GPHG Grand Prix d'horlogerie de Geneve in 2012.
Only 3 years later they won this prestigious prize again with the “Compteur Mechanique” which was the result of 3 new patents.
It remains to be seen with which new inventions and complications the two gentlemen will surprise us in the future.