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In 1738, Pierre Jaquet-Droz opened his first workshop and started producing his first timepieces. They were mainly long case clocks which over time began to include music and automata to his movements.

After a trip to Spain, where he distributed his work at the court of the Spanish Royal family, he returned to his hometown La Chaux-de-Fonds.

The assets acquired in Spain gave him the opportunity to concentrate fully on his work and the development of new watches, pendulum clocks and vending machines. He worked together with his son and his neighbour, which later turned out to be a very promising collaboration.

In 1774 Pierre Jaquet succeeded in opening a studio in London, through which he made close contact with the Asian market. During this time his watches were highly regarded throughout Asia and even the Emperor Quianlong acquired several watches for his collection.

After growing popularity and prosperity, the organization goes bankrupt in 1788. There is silence around the name Jaquet Droz.

It was only in the year of 2000 that the giant group Swatch revived the name. In the ever-growing watch market no old watchmaker's name is forgotten.
With a new workshop and a perfectly designed management and marketing team, the brand quickly found its way back into the watchmaking business.
Old classics from the pocket watch times were revamped. The decentralized hands, once invented by Jaquet Droz as a complication, now serve as a central focal point for modern marketing.