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Louis Moinet
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Today, Louis Moined is known only in tight watchmaker and watch collector circles. He was one of the most advanced and innovative watchmakers of his time.
He is the inventor of the chronograph and built the “Compteur de Tierces” in 1816.
This revolutionary invention was able to count the time to the 60th of a second, with the most accurate calibration standard recorded in writing being at one-tenth of a second.

Thus, the invention of Moinet was 6 times more accurate than any previously known timepiece.
In order to achieve this accuracy, Moinet developed a watch with a frequency of 30Hz, which is exactly the same as 216,000 half oscillations per hours.
For comparison: most of today's watches have a frequency of 4Hz.

Only 100 years later, more precise chronographs were developed.

He was a teacher for many generations of watchmakers, even far beyond his death.
His life work is his book „Traité d'horlogerie” which was published in 2 volumes in 1848. He devoted 20 years of his life to writing this book. There are already 3 reissues in various languages and it was spread around the world.

Today a not too large independent watchmaker is run under the name of Louis Moinet.
The watches from his house are based on the fundamental principles of Louis Moinet and shine with their simplicity and classic elegance in design and complex construction of their complications.

They are also known for the processing of unusual materials in the case as well as on the dial.

All Louis Moinet watches are either strictly limited or individual pieces, and are manufactured according to customer requirements.