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In our range we currently have 17 watches from Omega

Omega is at the service of sports time measurement.
In 1932, this manufactory succeeded in getting the sole task of measuring the time during the Olympic Games in Los Angeles.
The brand impressed with an excellent precession and supported another 21 Olympic competitions, a world record. With the “Speedmaster Professional” model, Omega wrote watch history in 1969, when this model as intensively tested by NASA for space travel and finally became the first watch in space and was even worn by Neil Armstrong on April 21st 1969 during the first moon landing. A legend was born, the “Moonwatch”.

But also in the movie world, Omega achieved great interest with their “Seamaster” and replaced their competitors Rolex in the film series of James Bond.

Another achievement was the development of the Co-Axial escapement, which prevents friction losses and contributes to the precision.

Omega watches are very stable and reliable, a perfect starter model to immerse in the fascinating world of luxury watches.

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