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Richard Mille
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Anyone who understands some of the masterpieces of the Haute Horlogerie and values highest exclusivity will know about Richard Mille.
The luxury watches of this unique and innovative brand can only be found in the top price segment and combines distinctive design with masterpiece watchmaking.
The development of the first watch from Richard Mille lasted 3 years, until Richard Mille 'RM 001' was presented for the first time in 2011 and caused a real sensation.
Every further model of this exclusive watchmaker is always highly anticipated and sold out quickly.
On his way to his first own watch, Richard Mille got in touch with watchmaking at a young age.
He directed Matra's watch department for many years, which develops timepieces for air and sea navigation. He is also in close contact with Alain Mauboussin, with whom he founded a company in 1992, dealing with the production of jewellery and sports watches with complications.
A long friendship and corporation with watchmaker Guilio Papi leads Richard Mille to his first success in 2001.

Further models followed with more complications such as the second time zone or the 'Tourbillon Split-Seconds Chronograph' with the model 'RM008'.
Richard Mille also has confidence in novel and unusual materials such as the metal ALUSIC (aluminum-silicon carbide) used in space travel.
The model RM012 presented in 2006 fascinated the watch world with its mechanical complexity, the unusual 'Tourbillon' and housed in a platinum case. This watch is awarded the prestigious “Golden Hand”.

He finds inspiration for his masterpieces in the Formula-1 racing sport, which can be seen in the tonneau-shaped cases of most watches.
Richard Mille has set himself apart from the initially expressed criticism of the watch world. It was said that his watches would not find any recognition at those prices among the watch lovers, but as he predicted, his watches were the bomb.

The futuristic design, the complex complications and the use of new materials make these watches into real “time bombs”.