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Rolex now stands for more than 100 years for unmistakable design and accuracy.
For all watch lovers, a Rolex is an absolute must-have. The probably most famous watch brand in the world began its success story when the founder Hans Wilsdorf discovered the potential of the wrist watches for themselves. Their goal was to make watches more robust and resistant to dust, water and bumps.
So they created the first wristwatch with a screw-in crown, which makes the penetration of moisture and dust into the housing impossible.

Hans Wilsdorf was so convinced of his invention that he presented the first patented watch in 1927 to the swimmer Mercedes Gleitze, who wanted to cross the English Channel. After over 15 hours in the water, the Rolex “Oyster” was still running to the exact second. A true legend was born.

Over the years, Rolex developed other popular models with unique features.
The most famous and popular models are the Rolex Submariner, Sea-Dweller, Explorer, Milgauss, Yacht-Master and not forgetting the Day Tona model.

Each model has a specific feature, which was previously demonstrated to the public and proven, which was not only a great marketing strategy, but the brand gained more and more recognition and fame.

It is not without reason that Rolex is regarded as the most value stable watch brand and is known all over the world.

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