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Ulysse Nardin
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Ulysse Nardin was founded in 1846 in the Swiss town of Le Locle.
Ulysse Nardin, the founder of this manufactory, was taught the art of watchmaking by his father, Frederic Nardin.
The heart of Ulysse Nardin beat strongly for the shipping industry, so that he specialized in the production of marine chronometers. The anchors on the logo and the design pay tribute to their rich history with the sea.
Ulysse Nardin worked with world-famous watchmakers such as Frederic William Dubois and Louis Jean Rechard-dit-Bressel in perfecting his fate.
Today the company is headed by Rolf W. Schnyder, who took over in 1983 and in close collaboration with the scientist and watchmaker Prof. Dr. Ludwig Oechslin deepened the complication series.
This is how models such as 'Astrolabium' or the 'Planetarium' series developed.

The most extraordinary creation of house of Ulysse Nardin is probably the first mechanically driven mobile phone, the 'Chairman'. This innovative invention was created after cooperation with the company SCI Innovations.
A luxurious mobile with the unmistakable design of the Ulysee Nardin brand fascinated not only the watchmaking world, but also the mobile phone sector.
On this mobile phone you will not only find the brand's landmark, the anchor, but also its signature mechanical watch rotor at the back that creates kinetic energy to passively supply power to the phone.

Ulysse Nardin is a brand full of tradition and classic design.