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De Bethune
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„Do not necessarily make more than the others, but simply make it better, that is our motto“
When in the year of 2002, David Zanetta, a true watch fanatic and collector of the timeless works of art of the watchmaking world, joined forces with Denis Flageollet, also a true enthusiast of watches coming from a watchmaking family with a long-established watchmaking tradition, the brand Marke De Bethune was created.

As a result, the founders soon celebrated great success with their timepieces, which were full of aesthetics and technical skill.
This brand combines the latest technology with watchmaking from the 18th century, in which every detail is developed step by step and is assembled with great care. This infinite passion brought the manufactory 9 patents and is highly appreciated by watch experts.
The innovative and unusual designs blend perfectly with the exquisite materials used for these timepieces.
It is no wonder that the strictly limited editions of these watches, where the hands seem to float above the dial, are sold out immediately after their release.
The luxury watches of these brands have been honored with numerous awards such as the coveted “Aiguille dÓr! Award” or the “Golden Hand Award”.
The most unusual model series of this watch manufactory is probably the “Dreamwatch” series.

De Bethune has established itself within a short time in the scene of luxury watches and has settled in the luxury price category.

A watch from De Bethune belongs in every collection of a watch enthusiast.